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March 7-11th 2024

Swim With Sharks is offering a shark diving trip to Tiger Beach, located off the West End of Grand Bahama Island, is an exhilarating experience renowned for its clear, calm waters and abundant shark population.

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Let the Sea Set You Free


Upcoming Expedition Details:


Tiger Beach is particularly famous for its Tiger shark encounters, which have made it a premier diving destination globally. The site’s shallow sand flats provide excellent opportunities for both amateur and professional photographers, as well as shark enthusiasts, to observe these magnificent creatures up close. The protected status of sharks in the Bahamas contributes to a healthy marine ecosystem, allowing divers to enjoy encounters with these top predators in their natural environment.

The dive site boasts a vibrant marine life including hard and soft corals, and visibility can often exceed 100 feet, making it an ideal location for nature enthusiasts. 

The main attraction at Tiger Beach is the tiger sharks, both resident and transient, patrolling the shallow waters. Surrounded by these huge fish, divers can sometimes encounter as many as 15 tiger sharks at once, although the typical number is around 4 or 5. Tiger sharks, which can grow up to 16 feet, always keep the divers’ attention due to their size and curiosity. Alongside the tiger sharks, divers will often see numerous lemon sharks, Caribbean reef sharks, the occasional nurse shark, and great hammerheads.

Full Event Itinerary:

Day 1:

Freeport Bahamas

Time: Travel Day

Once you arrive at the airport we will have an airport transport waiting to take you to the Resort at West End to get settled in.

Day 2-4:

03/08 - 03/10
Resort & Tiger Beach Diving

Time: Depart Resort via Private Boat at 7:30am

Dress Code: 3-5mm Wetsuits, Mask, Fins, Rental Gear

3 Full days of diving Tiger Beach on our Private Dive Charter. Tanks and Lunch will be provided. Photography & Videography sessions for each guest.

Day 5:

Depart Resort at West End

Time: Travel Day

After we spend the morning reminiscing about our amazing dives and experiences, and airport transport will be provided from the resort back to Freeport.